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Zested life focuses on coaching athletes to play their best game upon leaving the field.

I am here to assist and support you, to give you the tools for transitioning smoothly and reaching a new balance in life.

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What is Zested life?

Zested Life is an internationally accredited coaching practice specializing in helping athletes at all levels transition into their post-game careers. You’ve had a successful career as an athlete, and you are facing a new season in your life?

If you are experiencing some of these feelings in between others:

• Confusion about how to transition beyond sport
• Doubt about the ability to pursue your dreams
• The desperation in trying to find direction

I can help you.

I will help you uncover the path and give you the tools to plan the “after podium” life, assist and redirect your career, find out your different interests and passion, develop your skills and talents. You will define and achieve new goals and be successful outside the field using your full potential and experience.

Zested life philosophy

I developed a unique coaching model aligned with my Philosophy and showing you the steps to follow during our time together:


Scrum to S.C.O.R.E


Start-off and Structure a new life
Challenge yourself to get Clarity
Optimize your potential to discover new Opportunities
Realize new projects
Evolve personally and professionally


It is your opportunity to Replay and Strike again!

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