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What does “Being grateful” represents to you ?

Why is it important to recognize and express gratitude?

What comes to my mind when I think of Gratitude is the musical: The wizard of Oz.
I discovered it in 98 thanks to a great friend who crossed my path and sadly already finished his journey. This movie changed my life.
With the lion, the scarecrow, and the tin man, Judy Garland helps each other find happiness, So grateful about their friendship and the journey, the adventure. What a good learning, when Dorothy reached home thankful for the experience and being back home.
There is no place like home, and there is always a rainbow somewhere, where skies are blue, even when it seems so dark that it looks like the sun will never shine again.

We often need a wake-up call for remembering to start practicing Gratitude in our life. A tornado, an accident, a loved one is leaving too soon, a bad break up, losing a job, a scary disease, you name it.

With or without religion, Gratitude shows up in our lives in different ways. We are meeting someone, being alive, having what we have, a thank you at the end of a working day.
We all celebrate in different ways, depending on culture, tradition, and beliefs. It is a journal, saying grace before a meal, praying, sharing experience, and spending time helping our community. What is fascinating about Gratitude is that it is rarely money-related, even though it is crucial in every society. It seems to be a religion on its own, an international currency.

These days, the “fashion” gratitude on social media is about minimalism and appreciation for what we have. The importance of appreciating your belonging in home and life, to make it worse possessing.

Is it because society is becoming more selfish, individualist, and self-centered, looking for recognition through Gratitude? The need to demonstrate generosity? The blend of religion to something different than “a God.” Something even more universal.

I believe that present society needs recognition and Gratitude, and even though how many times do we demonstrate generosity for strangers or even neighbors. Doesn’t it seem hypocritical to be grateful for nature and something bigger than us rather than saying thank you to someone for holding an elevator door or someone who made a difference in our day? Gratitude needs to be genuine and in the moment. There is no right time or right place to be grateful.

Gratitude can be synonymous with generosity, giving, and receiving, but it is also important not to wait for something in return.
Gratitude has the power to shift every adverse event and/or attitude into a positive perspective that gives you the awareness to acknowledge the value of things before losing them.

Be grateful for:
* What you receive
* What you can give
* Who you meet and share time with
* What you learn
And so much more

It is a pair of pink sunglasses that you chose to wear, but what makes it even better is when you share the joy and happiness it brings into your life, and you can spread it, like contagious goodness.
It is essential for clients to see the relationship between their behavior and attitude and the positive things in their lives.
Gratitude is about contemplating the importance of others in our life. We cannot live alone and achieve happiness on our own.
Recognizing the value of small things can make a difference in achieving our goals.
By saying thank you, being grateful, and sharing happiness, you make a difference in others’ life. You pass on Gratitude.
It helps to be present at the moment, attract positivity, and move forward.
It brings awareness of the value, helping understand that as life is made of both positive and negative events, you have the choice to consider the bright side. You are the feeder of your behavior.
Focus on what you have and how you can benefit others and, consequently, yourself.


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About the author

Beatrice is the coach of Zested Life, an internationally accredited coaching practice specializing in helping athletes at all levels transition into their post-game careers.