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Beatrice Dupasquier

Read the story of Beatrice Dupasquier, the woman behind Zested life, and her remarkable journey that led her to become a life coach!

My name is Beatrice, and I am French. I have been a pastry chef for the last 29 years, and food has always been an essential part of my life. Let me tell you a little about my story. I grew up in France, in a little village in the South of Burgundy, where wine and food rule life and economy and vineyards surrounded the house. My grandparents had a farm, and every weekend we were going for a good family meal and "supplies." My Grandmother was making butter and cheese. She took care of goats, chicken, and rabbits, and My Grandfather was dealing with cows, pigs, cropping, vineyard, and orchard. Life was simple; food was delicious. My father taught me the importance of knowing the origin of the products you consume, the beauty of natural food, and wine. It was long before organic regulation and all the fashion around it.

It was natural for me, choosing a profession related to gastronomy. I became a Pastry Chef and a Globetrotter. But let's go back to our subject. What does it have to do with Transition? Well, my life is only a series of transitions, from a restaurant to another hotel, from a country to another continent, from my family tradition to some unknown cultures. My Transitions were sometimes chosen, sometimes needed, and sometimes forced; Sometimes smooth, and occasionally painful, but always unique and priceless.

We might not be able to change a fact or a situation, but we can choose to react or respond to it. We can either fight the wind and sail against it or use it to move fast forward. Being able to recognize and understand it has been one of my most significant learning in life. If you ask me about my journey since the day I stepped out of this little village in Burgundy where I grew up, it will look like that: I worked in small restaurants and cafes to some of the best in the world with 1, 2 & 3 Michelin stars. It would include that I had worked hard for little, and later in my career, was recognized as the best pastry chef in Rio de Janeiro. I would tell you that I lived in 6 countries, learned four languages, and discovered very different cultures and traditions.

With 25 years on the road, the combination of experience, diversity, and life coaching has made me who I am and where I stand today. As some people fear changes and Transition, I, on the other hand, look forward to it even more so that I have learned to make the most of it.

It can be you. Close your eyes, picture yourself and pick up your dream. Allow me to help you through the journey; it feels so good!

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